The 7 new deadly sins of social media

Believe it or not there is such a thing in the world of Twitter. While Twitter is a fun social network, and a great way to communicate with the world. There are a few things to remember. Having followers is a good thing, and many encourage you to buy instagram likes, or to buy instagram followers. These add to enjoyment of this fantastic social network, but being a fantastic network as it is, there are a few ‘deadly sins’ of social media. Here are a few.


Don’t be annoying with your product, or with a brand that you like. Understand that just because you like it doesn’t mean that others share your interests. Just tell the truth about what you are trying to sell, everything else will then fall into place.


Don’t tweet or sell your product or brand, and then drop it cold turkey. The Twitter world is fast and Tweets must keep circulating in order to get your product recognized. Abandoning your tweet, is indeed a bad idea.


Don’t try and manipulate your followers. Give them something that they can believe in and hold on to. When you Manipulate people catch on real fast and will drop you even faster.


Read policies pertaining to what exactly you are doing. Don’t be ignorant. There are rules set aside for exactly what you are trying to do. Please read the information and facts before setting out on any adventure like promoting contests, and sharing photos for advertisement purposes. Some apps, such as instagram require prior permission to share a photo for advertisements. Read up and you will be on the road to a smarter Twitter user.


Don’t beat your Tweets to death. Give your followers something interesting to follow! The same old thing over and over, will make anyone turn the other way.


Keep company logos and advertisements at a minimum, you don’t want to look as though you are spamming your followers.


Use Twitter and Facebook together, to get your product recognized. Each has their high points, Just make sure to keep them harmonized will bore your followers and more than likely their eyes and interests will stray.

So there you go, the seven new deadly sins of social media. Read these, keep these in mind when you are ready to tweet your next business tweet. If you abide by these seven deadly sins, your sure to be on the fast tract to success in the Twitter world.



15 business benefits of Twitter

Everyone knows how much the Twitter giant has an impact on everything. From businesses, to family and friends. But, are you taking advantage of this and using it to your benefit? First for those that may not know what twitter is, here’s a brief description. Twitter is a social networking giant, similar to facebook. But with Twitter you get twitter followers, and you “tweet,” which is typically known as a post. To get the most enjoyment, some suggest that you buy 1000 instagram likes, or that you buy Twitter followers to get the most out of your socializing. Because the more followers that you have the better off you are in the world of Twitter. For every “tweet” that you tweet, your followers will see, and then if they choose, they will comment and/or re Tweet what you are saying. With all of this in mind, of how the Twitter world works, it would make one wonder just exactly what benefits that you get from Twitter. Being business, or personal, in my opinion, the answer is ease. Yes, Twitter is beneficial in so many ways. Here’s a list of 15 business benefits one could get out of Twitter.

1. Monitor real-time conversations

Simply using the tools provided by Twitter to monitor your conversations about your product will help your marketing and management to exactly what is being

2. Extend customer service

Use Twitter to answer and solve problems, use twitter as a customer service to all of your followers that may be having problems.

3. Offer helpful links and headlines

Attract followers by providing links and helpful information, to and about your website, such as headlines in your tweets.

4. Catch problems early

Twitter can be very useful in aiding in detecting problems with your company or product fast, so that you can prevent any damage if you respond quickly.

5. Break through communication barriers with tweets

Are calls not getting the results that you need? Then get your word out through a tweet! In this day and age people respond to tweets a lot faster than calls.

6. Run special deals and promotions

Promote your product via specials, and special promotions via Twitter.

7. Build your personal brand

Twitter again, is a great way to promote and build up your personal brand, it does the leg work for you.

8. Find new business contacts

Use directories such as the advanced Twitter search , Twellow to find business contacts, new and long lost.

9. Enhance business relationships

Follow your consumers and customers and learn what they like.

10. Boost your visibility on search engines

Use Twitter to boost your business’s visibility, twitter is turning up search.

11. Use tweets as real-time testimonies

Using tweets as marketing tools is the best way to boost your business and push your product.

12. Find public validation

Always save rave tweets that are going to boost your potential sales.

13. Take advantage of PR opportunities

Combining your tweets with blogs is a good way to get some PR placements, establish yourself with Twitter.

14. Host a tweet-up

Tweet-ups are a great way to promote yourself, host one and then notice the impact.

15. Keep up on news and trends

Keep up with Twitter, and what is has to say in the world in regards to the latest news. Use your knowledge of the latest trends as an advantage.